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"Don't pi** me off!"
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Sci-Fi movie starring Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, Michael Stefani et al.
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The film spawned five inferior sequels, all made for video, as well as an unreleased sequel which formed part of an anthology called "Pulse Pounders Vol.1"
Contributed by: Ren
Tim Thomerson also featured in "Cherry 2000" (1988) as a sadistic desert basketcase named Lester.
Contributed by: Nick Springsteen
Helen Hunt appeared in Trancers parts 1,2 ...& reluctantly part 3. 80's favourite bad guy Richard Lynch (Invasion USA, Bad Dreams) appears in 2
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"Trancers" was originally shown in some territories as a double feature with "Ghoulies", and occasionally "Zone Troopers" (which shared most of the principal cast and crew.)
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Tim Thomerson was given the role as the villain in "Rhinestone" after Sylvester Stallone saw "Trancers".
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At one point in the mid-nineties, a Jack Deth TV show was in active development.
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Tim Thomerson is a Vietnam veteran and a former stand up comedian who trained in acting with Stella Adler. He can also be seen in the 80's classic "Near Dark".
Contributed by: Phantom Planet
In Australia and the U.K. this film was released as 'Future Cop.'