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... and something waited, frozen and dormant...
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1982 Sci-Fi movie starring Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, T.K. Carter et al.
Contributed by: Frederick Doot
The thing is one of a select few movies to have no women on the screen throughout.
Contributed by: Bryan Woolley
Actor Keith David can also be seen in another John Carpenter movie called "They Live". Kurt Russell starred in another three of John Carpenter movies: "Escape from New York", "Big Trouble in Little China", and "Escape from L.A".
Contributed by: Rogério Barbosa
The Norwegian that is chasing the dog in the beginning was played by Larry Franco. This was also when John Carpenter decided to learn to fly helicopters.
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John Carpenter makes a cameo appearance in the "Norweigan Video Footage".
Contributed by: James Kennedy
The only female 'character' is the voice of the computer that continually beats MacReady in chess. MacReady short circuits the "bitch" by pouring scotch into the machine's workings.
Contributed by: James Kennedy
There are several topics of debate among the film's fans, such as whether or not Childs is a 'thing' and whether or not a character who has turned into a 'thing' is actually aware of it.
Contributed by: James Kennedy
Kurt Russell was a finalist for the role of Han Solo in the original Star Wars.
Contributed by: Phantom Planet
Character actor Richard Masur (Clark the dog handler) can also be seen in the movie 'Nightmares' (in the 'Night of the Rat' segment) and in the film 'Encino Man' (as Sean Astin's father).
Contributed by: Mandy Hutchins
The title sequence of the original 'The Thing' can be seen in John Carpenters' Halloween when Lori is baby-sitting Tommy. This occured 4 years prior to John Carpenter directing the remake.
Contributed by: James Kennedy
The film was 'sequeled' in the form of a video game released in 2000.
Contributed by: Kathy Evans
You may notice two names in this movie that appear together in another movie: Kurt Russell played MacReady in this movie, and the name of another one of the characters was "Copper". Kurt Russell also played the voice of the adult "Copper" in the movie "The Fox & The Hound" in 1980.
Contributed by: rick costella
The names of two principal characters in the film are also the names of the two major computer platforms: 'Mac' (Kurt Russell) & 'Windows' (Thomas Waites).
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