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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1982 Fantasy movie starring Lee Horsley, Richard Lynch, Kathleen Beller et al.
A sequel, "Tales of the Ancient Empire", was originally planned, but never made. According to multiple sources on the internet, Albert Pyun is now making the long awaited sequel in 2010.
Contributed by: Ellen Gonzalez
I had the good fortune of meeting Lee Horsley in 1984 in Atlanta Georgia. He was here performing and singing in a stage play at the time. I asked Lee about the sequel and he said they were not going to do it. In his words, "It was not a fun picture to do." Maybe all that physical activity was a bit strenuous, even though he certainly had the physique to do it. Let me tell you ladies, he is one fine specimen of the maleness!
Contributed by: Ellen Gonzalez
Lee Horsley went on to do several long-lasting TV series, including "Matt Houston" and "Paradise", but he is pretty much retired to his ranch these days.
A novel based on the original screenplay was written by Norman Winski in 1982 and published by Pinnacle Books. Though it's out-of-print today, it does help to tie up some of the loose ends in the movie.
Contributed by: Stevenkc
Richard Moll, who played Xusia the sorcerer, is better known as Bull Shannon on the long running TV series "Night Court".
Contributed by: Joe Pingree
"The Sword and the Sorcerer" was popular enough to warrant its own short-lived line of plastic swords in the early 80's.
Contributed by: Paul Macsween
Actor Simon MacCorkindale who plays Mikah, plays Harry Harper in British television series "Casualty". Richard Moll who plays Xusia also plays 'Big Ben' in the Sean S. Cunningham movie "House" (1986).
Contributed by: Joe Pingree
Richard Lynch won a Saturn Award (Best Supporting Actor) for his role as King Cromwell, the only award in his overlooked and largely underrated career.
Anthony DeLongis also played an alien in an episode of 'Battlestar Galactica'.
Contributed by: Joe Pingree
Kathleen Beller's ex-husband, Michael Hoit, has a small part in the film as the 1st Red Dragon Archer.
Contributed by: Kate Nerone
Anthony De Longis, who played a member of Talon's gang of renegades coached Michele Pfeiffer in the use of a whip for her role as Catwoman in "Batman Returns".
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