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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1983 Dance / Music movie starring John Travolta, Finola Hughes, Cynthia Rhodes et al.
Contributed by: Dave Dickinson
The actress who plays Jackie (Cynthia Rhodes) is actually married to 80's rocker Richard Marx. Who is responsible for the songs "Right Here Waiting." and "Hazard"
Contributed by: Holly
A young Patrick Swayze can be seen in the sceen when Tony is trying out for the lead.
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Classic Cameo Alert! Watch early in the film as Travolta leaves a dance studio. Director Sylvester Stallone bumps into Tony on the street and turns camera-side for a moment with a scowl. Criticised at the time for not being able to keep his ego out of any film he was involved with, I always looked on the moment as total brilliance due to Travolta's hint of recognition.
Contributed by: Brenda
At the nightclub where Tony works at night, he meets up with 2two groupies, one of them is Joyce Hyser, the lead character in "Just One of the Guys", she played Terry.
Contributed by: Nick Napolitano
In the first scene (the auditions) Ben Lokey can be seen. He gets picked by the director to move on, but Tony gets booted. He was also in the movie "Breakin'".
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The Soundtrack CD saw fit to happily quote the film's worst review in the liner notes!
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"Satans Alley? Hmmm... Well okay Sly... but I don't know... " (Travolta to Sly on hearing the plot)
Contributed by: Lindy
Finola Hughes (Laura) was on both soap operas General Hospital ('91-'07)and All My Children ('99-'03).
Contributed by: skel79
In the beginning, Tony is auditioning, the choreographer sizing up the talent is Kurtwood Smith. Known for his villainous role in "Robocop," and more recently as "Red" in "That '70's Show."
Contributed by: REZuleta
Actress 'Donna Pascow (Anette)' appeared in a small cameo, sitting in the audience, attending the Broadway Show "Satan's Alley," but her scenes were left on the cutting room floor.
Contributed by: REZuleta
Actress 'Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie)" was originally going to play small role, as one of Tony's friends; however, the original script went thru several revisions and she ended up as his love interest.
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