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Film facts for the 1986 Teen Drama movie starring River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman More Cast

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The actor who plays River Phoenix's brother Eyeball, Bradley Gregg, starred with Jason Oliver (the driver of the car that Ace beats in the race on the way to the dead body), in the movie Class Of 1999.
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Rated #162 on IMDB's Top 250 Films List.
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Actor Bradly Gregg, who played 'eyeball' chambers, has played the villian to River Phoenix's hero in two other movies. He played a bully to Phoenix's character in 'Explorers' (1984) and attempted to catch Phoenix's 'young indy' in 'Indiana Jones and the last crusade' (1989).
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At the 1987 Young Artist Awards, the four actors (Phoenix, Feldman, Wheaton, and O'Connell) won the Jackie Coogan Award.
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"You're gonna be a great writer someday, Gordie." These supportive words from Chris (River Phoenix) to Gordie (Wil Wheaton) are ironic being that Wil Wheaton is the author of two very successful books - Dancing Barefoot & Just a Geek. Wil Wheaton said that at press conferences of the film, everyone always asked him if he was a writer in real life because he played the role so well. The campfire & evening scenes were actually done on a darkened sound stage due to restrictions in the boys' contracts about working at night. Wil Wheaton is the narrator of the A & E biography on River Phoenix called Eclipsed by Death.
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The name "Milo Pressman" was later used in the first season of Kiefer Sutherland's television series "24."
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When the boys add up all their money, they come up with $2.37. The number 237 appears in quite a few of Stephen King's stories.
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The yankee cap scene was later used in the 1993 movie called "The Thing Called Love" in which River Phoenix was also cast.
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One of the guys in Ace's gang was also in the movie Summer School (he played the student who liked watching Texas chainsaw Massacre movies)
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The garden was planted by the filmmakers at Gordies house. The owner of the real life house that it was filmed at raved for years about how good the food planted for that scene tasted. Most if not all of the houses and scenes used in the film still exist.
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The actress pictured on the cover of the vintage movie magazine is Elizabeth McGovern who was engaged to director Rob Reiner at the time.
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In the scene where Gordy is telling his fictional tale of Davey "Lard ass" at the pie eating contest, the mayor was played by Scott Beach, who provided the voice of the stormtroopers in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Wil Wheaton has a recurring role as himself on the comedy "The Big Bang Theory"
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Actor River Phoenix tragically overdosed on drugs and died years after making the movie. River Pheonix's brother is now famous in his own right. Joaquin Pheonix starred in "Gladiator" (2000) and plays in 'Ladder 39' and 'Signs'.
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Corey Feldman who plays teddy and Kieffer Sutherland who plays the bully, Ace, went on to play together in 1987 movie "The Lost Boys".
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When Ace and his gang go to find the body and they're driving in separate cars on both sides of the road, the shots from the back show three guys with black hair in the convertible, when Ace and Charlie both have blonde hair, so they are obviously stunt doubles.
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Rob Reiner has said that River Phoenix was one of the best young actors of his time and that if he was still alive today he would have gone far in his acting and his music.
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Stand by me was Jerry O'connell's first movie. Rob Reiner said that he was a normal kid full of laughs. He was only 11 when they started filming the movie
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I think the four boys were picked because their personality's matched their characters personality's. Wil Wheaton was sensitive like the character Gordie. River Phoenix had to be a peace maker, his parents were hippies, he was a vegetarian and they lived off the land so he was more like the character Chris. Corey Feldman was having trouble in his family so he had a lot of rage like his character Teddy. Jerry O'connell was picked because he was a young goofy kid that was funny like his character Vern.
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Rob Reiner's "Castle Rock" company, which is involved with many Stephen King movies, is named for Stephen King's fictional Maine town, which is in almost every book.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

The following trivia for "Stand By Me" is apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

River Phoneix tragically died of an overdose in a bar and his character Chris also dies in a bar (breaking up a bar fight).

Actually river phoenix's character chris died breaking up a fight in a fastfood restaurant, not a bar.
River Phoenix allegedly lost his virginity in his family's backyard during the making of "Stand By Me" to a neighboring friend who was 18 yrs old. He then went on to tell the Rob Reiner on a piece of paper "it finally happened".

BUT, Andrea wrote in to say that in fact it was when he was only four and his family were part of the cult "The children of God" that his virginity was allegedly lost in South America.
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