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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1983 Horror / Occult movie starring Felissa Rose, Katherine Khami, Mike Kellin et al.
Contributed by: james ridinger
The Sleepaway Camp movie inspired many bands to write songs about the movie. One band SENSES FAIL had written a song in 2004 from the album "Let it nfold you". The song was called ANGELA BAKER AND MY OBSESSION WITH FIRE.
Contributed by: Jonathan Tiersten
Jonathan Tiersten and Felissa Rose have just completed shooting of a new slasher film called "The Perfect House". This is the first film they have been in together that isn't Sleepaway Camp related. The movie also stars John Philbin (Point Break) Monique Parent and Chris Raab (Raab Himself).
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The movie is called "Nightmare Vacation" in the UK.
Contributed by: Jeff Vetrano
Robert Earl Jones is father of James Earl Jones.
Contributed by: Jeff Vetrano
Mike Kellin sadly died the same year the film was relased due to cancer.
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When it came out, Sleepaway Camp was released in November of 1983 on 85 screens in and around New York. In that weekend it was the top-grossing movie, killing its horror competition Amityville 3-d and even outdoing Barbara Streisand's directional debut YENTL.
Contributed by: Laurent ÉCrivain
The only recognizable actor I could find would be Christopher Collet, who later played in films "First Born" (as the older son of a woman involved with an abusive drug dealer), "The Manhattan Project" (as a bright highschool student who makes a working nuclear weapon for his science project) , "Prayer of the Rollerboys" (As the leader of a racist gang of rollerblading drug dealers), and "Stephen King's The Landoliers" (as a passenger that carries a violin case and pukes after beating up an arrogant, violent businessman).
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