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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Comedy movie starring Gregory Hines, Billy Crystal, Steven Bauer et al.
Contributed by: Licano Bonds
While on the beach in Florida our heros, on seeing a large crowd, are told by a very beautiful blonde that they are just watching the sun set. She then appears throughout the Florida montages, "Sweet Freedom" playing in the background, most notably on the scooter ride and boat scenes. She also appeared in the Micahel Jackson video "Black or White" doing the torso morphs. Her name is Meg Register, at least it was when we attended school together in Falls Church, Virginia. She was a natural platinum blonde and had always said she would be in a movie!
Contributed by: Andre' Joseph
There was an actual proposed sequel to the film that would have been entitled "Still Running" which probably did not happen due to the film's moderate box office performance.
Contributed by: Mark Mainwaring
In 1990, Hong Kong action star Sammo Hung and comedian Karl Maka reprised this film. Their movie, called "Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon", features many scenes and a few lines from this film. In it Sammo and Karl buy a karaoke bar while on holiday but return to police work to finish off the case that got them into trouble to start with.
Contributed by: Andre' Joseph
The "loss of the pants" scene was re-created in the 1988 Chow Yun-Fat HK buddy actioneer, "Tiger on the Beat."
Running Scared