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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Kids movie starring Marie Osmond, Sue Blu, Frank Welker et al.
Contributed by: Erin
Thr other six characters in the second special ("Rose Petal Place: Real Friends") that were not featured in the first were Canterbury Belle, Sweet Violet, Fuschia, Gladiola, Cherry Blossom, and Marigold.
Sue Blu (the voice of Sunflower and Daffodil) also voice "Stormer of The Misfit's" and "Lin-Z Pierce" on the Popular "JEM" cartoon
Nicole Eggert was only 12 years old when she appeared as the little girl in the garden of Rose-Petal Place. Nicole is perhaps best known from her wholesome role in the 80's sitcom "Charles In Charge". After leaving the show, she got saline implants for her role as lifeguard Summer Quinn on Baywatch. However, she had them reduced a year later because she thought they were too big.
Marie Osmond (the voice of Rose-Petal) used to date Andy Gibb, but they broke up because her parents did not approve of the relationship. In 1999 she suffered with post partum depression. She said:"I basically gave the baby to the babysitter, gave her the creditcard, got in my car, and just really felt that my kids would be better if they did not have a mother. I just left never thinking I would come back, not really knowing where I was going or what I was going to do."
Renae Jacobs (the voices of Orchid and Lily Fair) also provided the voice of "April" for the very popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons.
Renae Jacobs did the voice of Cherry Blossom in the second Rose Petal Place.. The "dolls" that are listed as not on the first show were new characters in the second one.
Renae Jacobs was also on The Moon Dreamers, My Pretty Pony, The Glow Friends, Punky Bruster (the Cartoon), The voice of Baby "Chuckie" in Bride of Chuckie also by David Kirschner among other shows...
Contributed by: Renae Jacobs
Renae Jacobs was also the Mistress of the Maze on the Family Channel's Master of the Maze...
Marilyn Schreffler (the voice of Nastina) later went on to voice "Kala" in the 1986 hit The Golden Child. Marilyn unfortunately passed away two years later on January 7th 1988.
Sue Blu (the voice of Sunflower and Daffodil) played the role of Miss. Amanda Shepard in Friday The 13th Part VII:The New Blood.
Frank Welker (the voices of Seymour, P.D. and Horace) actually shared two roles with Leonard Nimoy. When the third season of the Transformers came around, Frank took the role of Galvatron that Nimoy had taken in the movie. And in Star Trek III Frank provided the screams of Nimoy's character Mr. Spock.
Some of the Rose-Petal Place merchandise included the Rose-Petal Roadster (a rosebud shaped car), the Rose-Petal Dollhouse cottage (I used to have this!), the dolls Pitter-Pat, Tumbles, and Nastina (I had the Nastina doll!). There were also some scratch-and-sniff books.
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