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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Action / Adventure movie starring Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O'Herlihy et al.
Contributed by: Luke Beaman, Uk
An interesting thing I noticed - Robocop and two of Clarence's gang are all in 24 Season 5. Ray Wise (Leon) is Vice President Paul McCrane, Emil plays one of the "Bluetooth Gang" working with the President. Peter Weller (ROBOCOP!) plays Henderson, one of the main bad guys. Someone involved with 24 must really like this movie!!
Contributed by: Steve
When the script was in development, the one line pitch to the studios was "A high-tech Lone Ranger in a corporate dominated near future America." The first Robocop movie is modeled exactly after the original Lone Ranger story. Both movies are centered on a lawman betrayed by his own and left for dead with lawman returning masked to hide his identity. You can see several tributes to the orignial Lone Ranger in this movie. These include how Murphy handles his machine pistol and the "saddle up" moves done exiting his police car. The most obvious is how when Murphy returns as RoboCop, he is masked to hide his original identity.
Contributed by: Nick Napolitano
Robocop was originally going to be rated "X"!

This was because of too much gory violence. They later trimmed stuff out to get an "R" rating.
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The director likened the death of Murphy as a metaphor of Christ. His violent slaying is the crucifixion, which will be followed by the resurrection that is Robocopů whatever you say Paul!
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Verhoeven makes a cameo in the nightclub scene. The director was revving up the extras in the crowd in between takes, yet a cameraman filmed it and the editor kept the shot in the final cut.
Contributed by: Will Neumann
Eddie Van Halen makes an uncredited cameo as "Keva Rosenberg - Unemployed Person" during one of the news segments.
Contributed by: Kit Sullivan
Director Paul Verhoeven often pays tribute to other movies that have 'influenced' him, and 'Robocop' is no exception. In the shoot-out with the drug gang in the drug warehouse, for a fleeting instant,'Robo' strikes a classic 'Godzilla' pose: Profile, arms and legs in mid-stride with the head cocked to one side. Classic!
Contributed by: Josh Roth And MN
The head bad guy is played by Kurtwood Smith, who plays the dad in "That 70's show".
Contributed by: James
One of the members of Clarence's gang is Dr Robert Romano from ER (Paul McCrane). He's the one who gets run down by Clarence at the chemical plant after falling in a vat of chemical waste, and whose head is seen cartwheeling over the truck which kills him.
Contributed by: dave saville
Paul McCrane, who played bad guy Emil Antonowsky in Robocop first appeard in Rocky 2 (1979) as a young patient. He was 18 years old.. Rocky and Adrian are leaving the hospital and rocky signs his head.
Contributed by: Wendell Sanders
The Robocop storyline and The Terminator storyline were originally supposed to run together... Skynet was built on the finding of the arm and the microchip from the first terminator. However, have you ever wondered what the original start of skynet would have been if the terminator hadn't been sent back? Well, there you go - it was originally built on the technology of Robocop. When the terminator was sent back in time, it changed the timeline and history.
Contributed by: James
When Peter Weller appeared in season five of "24," fans of the show referred to him as "RoboCop."
Contributed by: jdocster
Peter Weller is currently a College Professor He teaches a literature and fine arts class at Syracuse University. He can be seen on The History Channel on occasion. :)
Contributed by: logan5
Marvel comics released a movie tie-in comic book adaptation of the film.
Contributed by: Robin McDonald
I heard a rumor once a Robocop leg was stolen from the set.
Contributed by: Robin McDonald
That trivia bit about the crucifixion is also overplaying the hand. There is intended to be some Christian allegory but it is understated and never translates to the screen as blatantly as he is trying to make it out. So you were right to sound skeptical.
Contributed by: Robin McDonald
Horizon made a 12" Robocop vinyl model kit that is not being made any more, but if you can find it, it is insanely accurate. I have no idea how they made it so close to the real suits. The only flaw is it's a little stiff and thick in the stomach area.
Contributed by: David Jones
Shooting began on August 6, 1986 and was completed in October 1986.