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Film facts for the 1985 Fantasy movie starring Fairuza Balk, Nicol Williamson, Piper Laurie More Cast

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The lead Wheeler is played by Pons Maar, who has made appearances on Masters of the Universe, The Blob, American Scream and The Golden Child. He also did the voice of the Noid in those old Domino's Pizza commercials. In Return to Oz, he is also the voice of the Nome messenger and appears as a police man and a hospital attendant.
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Fairuza Balk went on to play one of the leads in "The Craft" and Adam Sandler's love interest in "The Waterboy".
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Director Walter Murch is as much in demand in Hollywood for his sound mixing and editing abilities as his excellent direction. A buddy of George Lucas, he mixed the sound on two of George's early movies, "THX1138" and "American Graffiti". More recently he performed editing duties on "The English Patient" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley".
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This movie is full of hidden imagery - at the end, during the parade, one can find characters from all of Baum's books in the audience.
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Watch the final action sequence where Dorothy et al are in the room of ornaments, on the run from Nome King. Notice that Tik-Tok is absent from this scene. The reason for this is the fact that he would have slowed down the entire sequence, due to him being a rather slow and clunky robot. He then conveniently reappears in the following scene when all the action is over.
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In the book "Ozma Of Oz" which is one of the books the movie is based on, Mombi was not a princess but an old ugly humpback witch. And she did not have 30 different heads. Disney mixed the character Mombi with a different character Princess Langwidere. She had 30 different heads. In the book Princess Langwidere has no affliation with the Nome King. In fact Mombi is not even really mentioned in "Ozma Of Oz". Also, in the book, the Nome king did not look like a man. He looked like a fat dwarf with a long beard. And lastly all the events that took place in the movie did not take place in Oz. They took place in the Land Of Ev, and the Dominions Of the Nome King.
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Interesting to note that, although this film is more true to the Baum books than the musical and subsequent movie it was adapted from (with Judy Garland), there are 3 features that were carried over from the musical/movie due to its familiarity with fans - Dorothy has brown hair (in the books, Dorothy is a blonde - Ozma is the brunette) and the talk is about Dorothy's ruby slippers - which were SILVER slippers in all the books. They were changed to ruby slippers in the play as it was believed that red could be seen from the seats further back better than silver. When the play script was transferred to the movie script - it wasn't corrected. Also, the tendency to have the characters in Oz be reflections of people that Dorothy knows in Kansas (or the 'real' world) was something started with the Musical and thus, transferred to the movie. It WASN'T a feature in the books.
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Despite its poor reviews in the US, Return to Oz was a BIG hit in Japan.
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This movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, but lost to "Cocoon".
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Academy Award nominee for Best Visual Effects (lost to Cocoon).
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If you notice the room number that Dorothy is in at the hospital, it is 31. It matches as the same number door that Mombi keeps her original head in. Pretty creepy!
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Piper Laurie, who plays Aunt Em, played Margaret White, the religious psychopath in the movie "Carrie."
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Fairuza Balk was also in "American History X", opposite Edward Norton as his ex-love, Nazi interest.
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Nicol Williamson also played Merlin in another great movie, "Excalibur".
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Jean Marsh who plays Princess Mombi also portrays 'Bavmorda' the evil queen in the 80's fantasy movie "Willow". She also played King Arthur's nemesis (and opposite little Rudy from "The Cosby Show") in, "A Conecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court."
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If I am not mistaken, "Dorothy" also played a cat-human female in the movie "The Island of Dr. Moreau" with Val Kilmer and Marlon Brando.
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The books that inspired this film are The Marvelous Land of Oz, and Ozma of Oz.

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There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

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Nurse Wilson and Dr. Worley are named after crew members Mak Wilson and David Worley.

(Mak Wilson said: "This is the first I've heard of it! Mak wilson")
Alas, nothing is sacred in this world - little Emma Ridley, who played the charming Ozma, is now a porn star!

Emma is now a proud mother and living in California. She never did pornography, this was a rumour started after a rowdy night and topless dancing in London.
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