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Iona sports another radical hairdo...
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Teen Drama movie starring Molly Ringwald, Harry Dean Stanton, Jon Cryer et al.
Contributed by: Katy
The one line delivered by Dweezil Zappa's character, in the scene at Cats while The Rave Ups are performing, is in response to the question "What would you do if your Dad was rich?" or words to that effect. His reply? "Kiss his *ss". At that time, Dweezil's father, Frank, was still alive.
Contributed by: Yaz Jung
"The Rave-Ups" also appear in an early Beverly Hills 90210 Episode from the very first season entitled "Spring Dance" (originally aired 2nd May 1991). The band is performing songs at the Spring Formal. What is it about The Rave-Ups performing at School Dances?
Molly Ringwald's character Samantha Baker from "Sixteen Candles" has her favorite band written on her binder. You can see it when she walks down the hall with Randy, talking about the sex quiz she took, naming Jake Ryan her ideal guy. It's "The Rave-Ups", also the band from "Pretty in Pink."
Jon Cryer, who plays Ducky, is now in the hit comedy "2 and a half men", where he plays Charlie Sheen's brother Alan.
Jon Cryer also played Duckie in an episode of Mr. Show in '98...
Contributed by: John Edward Kilduff
A scene where Ringwald and McCarthy are talking about having a date was interestingly re-edited into an episode of "Muppet Babies". The episode, "This Little Piggy Went To Hollywood", involved the baby version of Miss Piggy imagining her life as a movie star. The scene I mentioned was featured in that episode, only the animated Baby Piggy had replaced the live-action Molly Ringwald. Minor dialogue adjustments were made as well.
The movie is dedicated to Alexa Kenin and Bruce Weintraub. Kenin, who played Jena, was murdered in New York on 10th September 1985.
Contributed by: Kitty Shannon
Alexa Kenin, who played Molly Ringwald's girlfriend, also played Dana, the dark haired bookworm in "Little Darlings".
Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy teamed up again in the movie Fresh Horses, where they again played people from different backgrounds who fall in love. Andrew McCarthy and James Spader teamed up again in two other movies: Less Than Zero and Mannequin.
Molly Ringwald used to date Dweezil Zappa (Simon).
Contributed by: Lu-Lu
Kristy Swanson was the blondie givin' Duckie the eye at prom. She also played Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992).
Contributed by: Todd And Kirsti Blaney
The kid in the record store, that gets shot "2 inches" from his eye with a staple gun by Annie Potts, was played by Christian Jacobs, who is now the lead singer of the Aquabats, an Orange County-based rock band. You will also recognize Jacobs from "Gleaming the Cube."
Contributed by: Jeanie
Gina Gershon made her feature film debut as the dark-haired friend of that obnoxious blond girl Benny, whom we all love to hate!
Contributed by: Jen
Gina Gershon, Benny's best friend, was also in the movie "Showgirls" starring Elizabeth Berkeley.
Contributed by: Laura J
Gina Gershon also appeared as Coral in the film "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise; she plays the photographer who cheats on him with Doug.
Contributed by: Jennifer Conant
Gina Gershon's date for the "Pretty in Pink" prom was none other than actor Zack Galligan, who starred in another popular early 80's movie, "Gremlins".
Contributed by: Todd
Andrew "Dice" Clay played the bouncer outside of 'Cats'. He was in "Making the Grade," which starred another brat packer, Judd Nelson, in 1984. In that film, his character was also the Dice Man.
Contributed by: Ellen
Kate Vernon, Benny, is the real life daughter of actor John Vernon, who played Dean Wormer in Animal House.
Contributed by: Mandy
Annie Potts who played Andie's wacky friend Iona, went on to star as Janine in "Ghostbusters".
Contributed by: J.
Annie Potts, the person who plays Iona, was also Mary Jo Shively on "Designing Women".
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