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Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Horror / Occult movie starring Jim Carrey, Lauren Hutton, Cleavon Little et al.
Contributed by: Amy Green
Karen Kopins starred as a live-action version of the 'Archie' comic strip character, Veronica Lodge, in the NBC-TV movie, "Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again" (1990).
This was Jim Carrey's first real movie, he is top billed as a star, even before he was on "In Living Color".
Contributed by: Kevin Allustiarti
Jim Carrey shows amazing flexibility during the dance scene by taking his leg across his body quite high and not bending the knee; watch it slowly, it almost hurts to watch!
Karen Kopins starred in "Dallas" as Kay Lloyd during the 1988-89 season and ironically enough, despite starring as sweet and pure Robin in Once Bitten, she portrayed Fiona Richards, a Madame, in the TV movie "Lady In Waiting" in 1994.
Lauren Hutton's smile is celebrated in the documentry film "Gapped Tooth Women".
Contributed by: Jenny
Megan Mullally plays Robin's friend Suzette in the film. If you watch closely, she is the girl selling the tickets to the Pre-Halloween Hop, she more recently played Karen Walker Finster on "Will and Grace".
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