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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Kids movie starring Juliana Donald, Lonny Price, Louis Zorich et al.
John Landis, who plays Leonard Winesop in this Frank Oz movie, regularly returns the favour and casts Frank in his movies. Frank played the claims clerk who hands Jake Blues his rubbers, cash and performing outfit in "The Blues Brothers", the cop who busted Louis Winthorpe for theft and angel dust dealing in "Trading Places", and a test giver in "Spies Like Us".
Cyril Jenkins, who plays the Minister at the end of the movie, is a minister in real life.
The man who escorts Liza Minnelli into Sardi's is Vincent Sardi.
Then-mayor of New York Ed Koch makes a cameo near the end of the movie when they're searching for Kermit.
Other cameo players in this movie include Gregory Hines as a rollerskater, Joan Rivers as Piggy's co-worker at the department store, Elliot Gould as a policeman, Brooke Shields as a diner customer and James Coco as Mr. Skeffington.
Gates McFadden (credited under the name Cheryl McFadden) of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" plays Martin Price's secretary. She would work with the Muppets again 15 years later in "Muppets From Space".
Contributed by: 80'sjenny
Gonzo carries a Gucci bag in the movie.
Contributed by: C.T. Warren
Henson and OZ's scenes in Pete's Luncheonette where Rizzo and his rat pals man the kitchen is subtly paid homage to by director Brad Bird and Pixar animations near the climax of their 2007 blockbuster "Ratatouille".
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