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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Drama movie starring Gene Hackman, Willem DaFoe, Frances McDormand et al.
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The actual students who traveled to Philadelphia, Mississippi, for whom this movie is based, were part of a federal program to integrate the courts.
Contributed by: Dan Leritz
The students who were killed were trained at the Western College for Women, regarding strategies on how to register blacks to vote. The college is now part of Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio. A monument for the murdered activists was recently dedicated in their honor.
Contributed by: Michael Sobka
The baby that is seen being held by his mother in the scene where the people of Mississippi are putting across their point of view on the state of Mississippi (during the search for the 3 boys by the swamp) is the same baby being fed by Lester's wife when the FBI portrays the KKK and shows up at his house.
Mississippi Burning