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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Sci-Fi movie starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, James Tolkan et al.
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During the scenes in the music store, a Kinks poster can be seen hanging on the wall.
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After the credits, Skeletor's head pops up from the lake and says, "I'll be back!" which sets the stage for a sequel that was never made. However, a script for a "Masters of the Universe" sequel was written, only to be re-written and become the script for the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Cyborg (1989).
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In the Planet Hollywood at Niagara Falls, you can see one of the costumes actually used in Masters of the Universe!
Contributed by: Jess
After this movie was made, Robert Duncan McNeil and Anthony DeLongis (Blade) acted together again in many episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. DeLongis played a Kazon named Cullah that reoccured in the beginning of the show and McNeil played Tom Paris.
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Actress Christina Pickles (the Sorceress) plays the mother of Courteney Cox (Julie) on the TV show "Friends" (1994).
Contributed by: Phantom Planet
Courtney Cox went on to play 'Monica Geller' in the hugely successful comedy sitcom, Friends. She is also married to actor David Arquette.
Contributed by: Veronica Luna
Billy Barty, who played the locksmith Gwildor, also appeared in two other well-known 80's fantasy movies, "" and "Willow". He sadly passed in December of 2000.
Contributed by: Anonymous
In the big fight scene in the music store a poster of Chuck Leavell -- eco-hero, keyboard player of the Allman Brothers Band and Rolling Stones fame can be seen on the same wall as the Kinks poster.
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