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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring John Malkovich, Ann Magnuson, Laurie Metcalf et al.
John Malkovich is of Croatian heritage. He played Annie Lennox's love interest in her video for "Walking On Broken Glass". The costume he wore in the video was borrowed from the set of 1988's Dangerous Liasions. Spike Jonze wanted to borrow photographs from John's childhood for the film "Being John Malkovich", to which John said , "I gave them my mother's phone number and told them to tell her that I'm an actor and it was for a film. I don't think my parents know what I do."
Making Mr. Right is Laurie Metcalf's (Sandy) second Susan Seidelman directed film, the first being Desperately Seeking Susan. Laurie is best known for her role as Jackie Harris on "Roseanne". She is a founder of the famous Steppenwolf theater in Illinois.
Ann Magnuson (Frankie) was a singer/songwriter for underground experimental rock band Bongwater in the 1980's. The band broke up in 1991 after just six releases. She continued her music on a solo basis in the mid-90's with an album titled "The Luv Show".
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The radio station that is on the morning Ulysses takes off, is 97 GTR. It was a real station that played the most awesome rock in the 80's in South Florida. Unfortunately, it sold out and was turned into a dance station. Some of the best DJ's moved to that station and were lost from South Florida after GTR's great demise. It is still sadly missed.
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