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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1989 Teen Drama movie starring Kirk Cameron, Jami Gertz, Roy Scheider et al.
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The director/writer, Douglas Day Stewart also wrote "Officer and a Gentleman" and "Blue Lagoon". It is through "Blue Lagoon" that Stewart met Christopher Atkins, who co-stars in "Listen To Me".
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Douglas Day Stewart was a debator, which is why he picked the topic.
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Moon Unit Zappa cameos in this movie.
Contributed by: Betty St. Peter
The judge with the stopwatch at the final debate is actually a debate coach from USC/Pasadena City College. Before becoming a college professor, he worked in network news, feature films, Broadway, television productions, and was even a floor director on "I Love Lucy".
Contributed by: Jedidiah Link
The screenplay is co-authored by Professor Miller, who is currently the head debate coach at UCLA. He added the debate technical information and you'll notice that UCLA is ranked #1 on the blackboard rankings. Professor Miller is also in the film; he is the timer and announces the topic in the final round.
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