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AKA: Catholic Boys
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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Teen Drama movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Donald Sutherland, Mary Stuart Masterson et al.
"Heaven Help us" is also known as "Catholic Boys" in Europe.
The passage that Dani reads to her father is from "Sophistication" a short story by Sherwood Anderson.
Contributed by: Joseph Schaedel
The teaching Brothers of Saint Basil School are not a fiction. The characters in the movie are modeled after the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn. To this day, the Brothers conduct several schools in the New York area, wear exactly the same garb as depicted in the film, and probably don't take any nonsense from their students either!
John Heard (the father on Home Alone) plays Brother Timothy, the "cool" down to earth brother/teacher at St Basils.
Yeardley Smith (better known for the voice for Lisa Simpson) plays Janine's (one of the catholic school girls linked to Kevin Dillon's character) best friend.
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