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He decides on a path of revenge when his friend is brutally beaten by a gang.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1980 Action / Adventure movie starring Christopher George, Samantha Eggar, Robert Ginty et al.
Contributed by: John McDonagh
During the 1970's, a series of novels about a Vietnam vet turned vigilante called the Executioner were published that may have inspired the Exterminator; this series continues today.
Contributed by: Neil Pike
The special effects in the opening 'Vietnam - Flashback' sequence were created by Stan Winston, who later went on to do the effects for such movies as "Terminator 2", "Aliens" and "Jurassic Park".
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Christopher George also starred in another 1980 classic, Lucio Fulci's, "City Of The Living Dead".
Contributed by: Tom Tank
"I'll be back" .. Am I right to tell my friends that this was the 1st movie to use that line more than once? Thus making it the original "I'll be back" movie?
Contributed by: Scott
There was a sequel to this movie, "Exterminator II." I don't remember much other than John converts a city dumptruck into an armored vigilante machine and that the main bad guy (who happens to be a heroine dealer- very eighties) was played by the king of easily forgotton movie Mario Van Peebles.
Contributed by: Don
This movies famous line "If you're lying, I'll be back" sounds like a line of ex-Terminator Arnold's from "Twins", where Arnold forces a doctor who fertilized them both to tell him and Danny Devito where their bio mother is, to which Arnold menacingly replies: "If you're lying, I'll be back.."
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