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Dance Academy Trivia

AKA: Body Beat
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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Dance / Music movie starring David Dressel, Tony Dean Fields, Virgil Frye et al.
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The movie was called 'Body Beat' in the USA.
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Director Ted Mather followed Dance Academy with a sequel 'Dance To Win' a.k.a 'Dance Academy II' a.k.a 'City Rhythms' (make up your mind already Ted!) 1989.
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Sadly, Tony Dean Fields who played 'Moon' passed away in 1995 of an AIDS related illness at the age of just 36. Often credited as simply Tony Fields, he is best known for his role as Al De Luca in Richard Attenborough's "A Chorus Line". He also had a successful career as one of the first men on TV's 'Solid Gold Dancers' and subsequently as a dancer/choreographer appearing in music videos like Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and 'Beat It' and Lionel Richie's 'Running With the Night.' Other film roles included 'Trick or Treat,' 'Night Shift' and choreography on "Dream a little Dream".
Contributed by: Sean
Steve LaChance, who plays 'Vince', can also be seen in Breakin' as a featured dancer and Girls Just Want To Have Fun as the partner of Sarah Jessica Parker's rival.
Contributed by: Jackie
Paula Nichols, who also goes by the name Paula Mulcahy Keane is today co-owner and Producer for Legendary Productions, an independent film production firm in LA. Her films have been widely praised and presented in renowned independent film festivals...
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