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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Horror / Occult movie starring Drew Barrymore, James Woods, Robert Hayes et al.
I have noticed they used the number 1939 several times in the movie, the animal shelter was "Since 1939" on its sign and so was St. Stephen's school for the Exceptional, founded 1939. There may have been other times. 1939 was the year Hubie Marsten hung himself in 'Salem's Lot', and it was the town's big dark dirty secret! He was in fact the source of all the trouble they went through.
Sunday was the cast of Cat's Eye's day off, which meant all week they looked forward to Saturday night. Drew would usually show up at her stand-in Jennifer Ward's house late in the afternoon, her pajamas and clothes in a little suitcase. Jenny's mom would make iced tea, and Drew and Jenny would play outside till dinner, petting Jenny's cats, making masks from the hanging moss, or riding bikes. At night they'd have a pajama party, trying on clothes and dancing to all of Jenny's 45 rpm records. Drew loved dancing to Madonna's hit "Borderline". The two girls also liked acting out their favorite scenes from "Mommie Dearest" which would end with them laughing on the floor and Drew screaming "No more wire hangers!" Drew later said that their giggling probably kept the neighbors up all night!
Two of the stories in Cat's Eye were based on stories from the novel Night Shift by Stephen King: Quitters Inc. and The Ledge.
Drew Barrymore said that the scream she gave when the troll was on her bed was real because up until then she had never seen the troll before.
In the beginning of the movie, the cat is chased by a mangy, rabid St. Bernard which looks like Cujo, and is almost hit by a car which has a bumper sticker that says "I am Christine". Both "Cujo" and "Christine" were, like two segments in Cat's Eye, written by Stephen King.
The school Amanda goes to is called "Saint Stephen's School for the Exceptional", a reference to novelist Stephen King.
Candy Clark is reading "Pet Semetary" by Stephen King in bed.
James Woods is watching "The Dead Zone" on t.v, a movie based on a novel by Stephen King, and remarks "Who writes this stuff?"
Contributed by: Linda
The cat is not credited anywhere in the film. I wonder if he is really called General?
In the segment, "The Ledge," Robert Hays is told, "If you make it, you get it all, the girl, the gold watch and everything!", by the guy who is making him walk around the ledge. That saying is also the name of a movie that Robert Hays was in, along with Pam Dawber, about a guy who inherits a watch that stops time.
Contributed by: Stan Cocheo
In "Quitters Inc.," when James Woods is sitting in front of the television and watching "The Dead Zone," he is sitting in the same position as he was in another '80's movie - "Videodrome." There are other references strewn throughout the movie.
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