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...with the ever gorgeous Valerie Kaprisky
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1983 Romantic Comedy movie starring Richard Gere, Paul Tepper, Valerie Kaprisky et al.
Contributed by: Pete
The Thunderbird was the same car (resprayed) that starred in the TV series Vega$ starring Robert Urich
Contributed by: Dwight Dawson
The early 70's MGB sports car shots are some of the very best done in any movie. There is a long list of movies using the British MGB which was last produced in 1980. It illustrates the car's spirited ability quite well.
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The complaining mother and child in the Thunderbird are the director's wife and son.
The French film is " bout de souffle", which translates to "Out of Breath", not " bout du souffle", which probably translates to something like a "a Blow of Wind".