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Lane gets beaten up by the entire school basketball team.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Comedy movie starring John Cusack, David Ogden Stiers, Kim Darby et al.
Scooter Stevens, who plays Badger, doesn't say a word the entire movie!
Contributed by: Dash Branaghan
Amanda Wyss, who played Beth, also played Tina in "Nightmare on Elm Street". She was Freddy Krueger's first victim.
Contributed by: Marty
John Cusack allegedly hates and detests this movie and, along with 'One Crazy Summer', he considers them the worst movies he's made.
Curtis Armstrong who played Lane's friend Charles, was also in "Revenge of the Nerds" and had a supporting role on tv's "Moonlighting" with Bruce Willis.
Contributed by: Jordan
One of the Nerds in the Geometry class (the one that opens his suitcase that has a computer inside) played a role as John Cusacks Nerd friend in "Sixteen Candles". Apparently playing a Nerd was this guys Cup O' Tea!
Contributed by: Muzzledox
Cusack and Savage Steve Holland also teamed up in "One Crazy Summer"
Contributed by: Brian A. Henegar
Savage Steve Holland, who directed and personally did the animated drawings for Better off Dead, designed all of the animations of the "Whammy" on the 1980s game show "Press Your Luck"
Contributed by: Improvius
Elizabeth Daily sings in the movie and plays herself. She now does quite a bit of voice work, including playing the voice of Buttercup in "The Powerpuff Girls".
Contributed by: Denise
Elizabeth Daily also had parts in Valley Girl in 1983 and in the creepy 1988 movie Bad Dreams, under the name E.G. Daily.
At the very end of the credits it says "The film's over- you can go now."
A homage to a previous teen classic: Porky from "Porky's", owns 'The Pig Burger' in "Better off Dead".
The hamburger is singing like David Lee Roth but is playing Eddie Van Halen's signature guitar.
The ducks in the puddle of water they land the car in during the drag race climb out of the driver's side of the vehicle when they arrive at school.
The Camaro that was used in "Better Off Dead" has been restored. You can read the incredible story of how one fan tracked down the car and see some current pictures of it on the "finished car" page at his website.
Lane gets fired from Pig Burger, but is still able to get inside with Monique after hours.
Contributed by: Raj Mehta
The owner of Pig Burger gave lane the keys to the establishment when they first met. The fat guy threw them at Lane and Lane asked him "What's that?" Fat guy responded with "those are the keys to this establishment....." He later tossed him out, presumably without having the chance to take the keys back.
Contributed by: Brad Silzer
During the school dance scene, one of Lane Myer's friends is sporting a red & green striped sweater. Which was an homage to Amanda Wyss's role in "Nightmare on Elm Street".
Contributed by: Kathy
Amanda Wyss also played Woody's girlfriend from home on Cheers. She guest stared in two of three episodes. Her name was Beth on the show.
Contributed by: DanFan
Dan Schneider, who plays "Ricky" in the film, went on to play "Dennis Blunden" in the TV show "Head of the Class" from 1986-1991.
Contributed by: Lou
Laura Waterbury who played Mrs. Smith in "Better Off Dead" is also the crossing guard in "One Crazy Summer."
Contributed by: Dan Duffy
Diane Franklin, who played "Monique", also co-starred in another 80s cult classic, "The Last American Virgin", as well as having a bit part as one of the princesses in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure".
Contributed by: Leigh Russell
Diane Franklin also features in one of the "Amityville" sequels, and a low budget comedy/horror called "terrorvision"
Contributed by: Fabrizio
I believe Diane Franklin also starred as the evil step-mother in "How I got into college"
Contributed by: Mike
Lane's mother in the movie is played by Kim Darby, who played opposite John Wayne in True Grit
Contributed by: Lance
Lane's Dad was also Winchester in the TV series MASH.
Contributed by: Brian Jardine
Notice the characters/actor connections between "Better Off Dead" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High":
1) Vincent Schiavelli plays the lovable but quirky biology teacher in "Fast Times" and is the lovable and quirky geometry teacher in "Better Off Dead."
2) Amanda Wyss plays the bored girlfriend who breaks up with the guy (Judge Reinhold) in "Fast Times" and plays the bored girlfriend who breaks up with the guy (John Cusack) in "Better Off Dead."
3) Taylor Negron plays the sarcastic pizza delivery boy in "Fast Times" and plays the sarcastic mail delivery boy in "Better Off Dead."
Contributed by: Snobrdr
On the show South Park, Show 603, they recreate the ski scene in the movie, except it is between Stan and a cocky teen named Tad, and on the mountain called the K-13.
Contributed by: Anabel
Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote an episode of South Park in which Stan gets trapped in a knock-off of "Better off Dead". The South Park episode is entitled "Ass-pin" (a parody of "Aspen"),
All of the race scenes with the two Asian 'Howard Cosell' brothers in the orange car are filmed at the same stoplight! The 'Howard Cosell' impersonator is played by Yuji Okumoto from "Karate Kid part II".

Yuji Okumoto also owns a Hawaiian-themed restaurant named Kona Kitchen/Yuji Lounge in Seattle, Washington.
Contributed by: Improvius
The ski slope in the movie is called the K-12, which may be a joke for anyone who knows about slope ratings. The highest (hardest) slope rating is 9.
Contributed by: SomeYoungGuy
K-12 may also be a pun on Lake Tahoe, CA ski resort Squaw Valley's KT-22, which was named by the wife of Squaw's owner when it took her 22 kick turns to descend that part of the mountain, which rises imposingly from Squaw's base area. It's not impossible to ski by any means, but it is an experts only area (see Given that B.O.D. was supposed to be set in Northern California, there's a pretty good chance that the K-12 was a pseudonym for KT-22 at Squaw (aka Squallywood).
Contributed by: John Hoff
I always assumed K-12 was a play on K2, which is the second highest mountain in the world.

User rockincat68 adds:

I've always thought it was goof on slope rating, too, but also that it referred to school: K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade).
Contributed by: Anna Montag
The actor who played Laine's Math teacher, Vincent Schiavelli, passed away recently in 2005. He was also the Science teacher, Mr. Vargas, in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Contributed by: Peter Franks
In the scene where Lane falls and accidently pulls down the cheerleaders outfit, the girl playing the cheerleader had the set cleared except for essential personnel only. Bashful, I guess. (I know this b/c I was one of the basketball player extras in this movie.) I was the one on the far left in that scene and the one eating the baby food at the cafeteria table, closest to the camera.
Contributed by: Devolution
None of the math that is being done in movie actually makes any sense. However the problem done in Mean Girls is the correct answer.
Yano Anaya, who played the Paper boy is also Grover Dill (the toadie) from "A Christmas Story".
Vincent Shcivelli was also in "Ghost" playing the ghost in the subway.
Contributed by: sinlinlin
Diane Franklin was also in the 80's Cult Classic " The Last American Virgin" playing the love interest of both Lawrence Monoson ( Gary), and Steve Antin ( Rick).
Contributed by: Bryant Carr
The scene where Lane is being chased by the paperboys, then scrambles behind his car and exclaims "KEYS!!" is a homage to the a scene in the Richard Pryor classic 'Which Way Is Up?' where Pryor,as a no-good preacher, is being chased by his congregation and scrambles to his car mumbling to himself "KEYS! KEYS!"
The mountain K-12 in Better Off Dead was named as a reference to life after highschool. We all go through K (kindergarten) to 12 (senior in highschool) and then it's the great unknown. When you ski the K-12 you are no longer afraid of what comes next... growing up!
Contributed by: Rebecca Dolan
The college used for the dance scene with Monique & Ricky (where Monique & John Cusack first talk to each other) is the same as in "Sixteen Candles".
Contributed by: Rob Aikins
In one of the cafeteria scenes the members of the basketball team are eating baby food.
Contributed by: Mindle Pohl
When Charles and Lane are in the grocery store and Charles claims, "I can't even get real drugs here", he is purchasing whip cream in an aerosol can.
Contributed by: Kelly Vickers
The contraption Badger sent off for and made was a rocket ship made from household appliances.
Contributed by: Lawrence Miles
The voice of the Asian teen who learned English by watching Howard Cosell is done by comedian Rich Little. Rich also does the voice of Barney Rubble, when Barney, while Lane is watching the Flintstones, asks Lane if he could go out with Beth.
Contributed by: Kevin Allustiarti
During the ski training with Lane, Monique is obviously played by a man wearing a wig. The hair is much much too big, so it could cover more face.
One of the basketball players that beat up Lane is legendary beach volleyball player Randy Stoklos.
Rich Little also appears in "One Crazy Summer" (as the DJ of the radio contest).
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
"Better Off Dead" marked the feature film debut for writer-director Savage Steve Holland.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Look for film director Rick Rosenthal as Smitty.
Kim Darby, (Lane's mom), also starred in the famous horror TV movie Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark.
In the geometry scene in Better Off Dead, the problem the girl is writing in the backgroung makes no sense and says thigs like SHUT UP divided by BE QUIET.
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