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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Action / Adventure movie starring Stephen Lang, James Remar, Michael Carmine (II) et al.
"Carlos" is played by Danny Quinn, son of Anthony Quinn, while "Nikki" is played by a young Lauren Holly. The two were actually married in real life between 1991-1993.
The actor who played "Ruben", Michael Carmine also played "Snake" on Miami Vice. He passed away in 1989 of heart failure at 30-years-old.
Al Shannon ("Dorcey") also appeared on an episode of Miami Vice as Eddie.
John Cameron Mitchell ("JL") was named one of People Magazines 'Breakthrough Stars of 2001'.
You may recognize Leon Robinson ("Moss") from Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video. He also starred in Cool Runnings.
A little star named Laurence Fishburne played one of the bad guys named "Cream". Incidently, he also had a guest appearance on Miami Vice. Hmm... do we see a trend here?
Martin Ferrero, who played "Izzy" brilliantly on Miami Vice, has a great moment as the hardware store clerk in Band of the Hand.
Okay, so some other actors in Band of the Hand who also had guest appearances on Miami Vice include:
- James Remar ("Nestor")... found later on Sex and the City.
- Paul Calderon ("Tito")
- Tony Bolano ("Felix")
- Bill Smitrovich ("Chavez")
- Luis Valderrama ("Chooch")
- Roy Datz ("Rene")
- Carl Jay Cofield ("27th Avenue Player")
- Antoni Corone ("Narc #1")
- Jim Fitzpatrick (IV) ("Young Street Gangster")
Contributed by: James Froelich
Stephen Lang, the kids mentor, was in the TV show "Crime Story" as the Attorney helping Dennis Farina prosecute the mob figures on the show.
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