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Robert Downey Jr. is superb as the 'eccentric' Derek Lutz...
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Comedy movie starring Rodney Dangerfield, Keith Gordon, Sally Kellerman et al.
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Veteran actor Ned Beatty makes a memorable appearance in "Back to School" as Dean Martin, the College Administrator.
Contributed by: Stephanie
One of the last shots in the opening sequence of the film is of Rodney Dangerfield playing golf. This was taken from a previous film of his, "Caddyshack".
Contributed by: Harpo
Sally Kellerman, who plays Rodney's English teacher and love interest in this film, was the original Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in the movie M*A*S*H
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Back To School director Alan Metter also directed 80's favourite "Girls Just Want Have Fun" (1985) & Richard Pryor's "Moving" (1988).
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The person hired to write the paper on Kurt Vonnegut is ... Kurt Vonnegut!
Contributed by: Sara
When Rodney Dangerfield is looking for his son on campus and goes on sorority row, you can see the letters of Delta Delta Delta chalked on the ground.
Contributed by: Rob Andrews
Jason's love interest in the movie is played by Terry Farrell. Terry was also seen in Poltergeist 2 and later cast as Judsea Dax in "Deep Space Nine". She also played the owner of the bar that Ted Danson hung out in his sitcom Becker.
Contributed by: Ross Trimboli
The dive that Thornton Melon does in the movie is the "Triple Lindy". That may refer to a '30s dance called the Lindy Hop, named after Charles Lindbergh, the pilot.
Contributed by: April Amos
William Zabka also played in the Karate Kid, and the guy who played Jason (Keith Gordon) actually played in Stephen King's "Christine".
Contributed by: David
The actor who played the young version of Thornton Melon was Jason Hervey who also played Wayne Arnold in "The Wonder Years".
Contributed by: Bryan
William Zabka was Audrey's boyfriend Jack in "European Vacation".
Contributed by: coandjsmommy
Burt Young, who plays bodyguard and limo driver Lou, plays Paulie, Adriennes brother in the Rocky films.
Contributed by: M N
The guy who plays Mellon's high-strung history teacher is none other than legendary comedian Sam Kinnison!
Contributed by: coandjsmommy
Adrienne Barbeau who plays Thorton's wife is also seen in John Carpenter's movies "The Fog" and "Escape from New York" and was once married to Carpenter.
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