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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Action / Adventure movie starring Donna Wilkes, Cliff Gorman, Susan Tyrrell et al.
Contributed by: Angel1107
"Angel" was followed by three sequels, with different actresses portraying Molly/Angel. Rumor has it that Donna Wilkes wanted to do the sequel but she demanded too much money, so she was replaced by Betsy Russell for AVENGING ANGEL (1985). Mitzi Kapture starred in ANGEL III: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1988), and Darlene Vogel took over the role for ANGEL 4: UNDERCOVER (1994).

As an aside, did you know that "Angel 4: Undercover" was originally not meant to be a part of the Angel series? In fact it was meant to be a standalone movie.
Contributed by: Todd Mckean
Donna McDaniel (Crystal) later toured with Mötley Crüe as one of their backing singers, "The Nasty Habits".
Contributed by: Greg
Donna Wilkes first appeared in 1978's Jaws 2. She plays Jackie, the girl who seems to be screaming throughout the whole movie.
Contributed by: Nick Springsteen
John Diehl who plays the bad guy was good guy in Miami Vice
Contributed by: Angel1107
Betsy Russell now is best known as Jill form the hit Saw films. Its great to see this 80s Angel has grown into a well known mature Actress today.
Contributed by: ANGEL ANES
Donna Wilkes true Date of Birth is in fact Nov 14th, 1959 -not Nov 11th as shown even on IMDB.COM Fun fact right?
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Co-writer Joseph Michael Cala can be seen as an usher.
Contributed by: angelsistars
Did you know that Writer and Director Robert Vincent O'Neil has a Facebook fan page? You can visit it here