The Rescue


Kevin Dillon, brother of Matt Dillon, was nominated in 1989 for Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

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An elite U.S. Navy Special Forces team is imprisoned behind North Korean lines.

The Pentagon calls them expendable.

Five young heroes call them "Dad".

...Now they'll risk their lives to bring them home.

This was one of the multitude of kid-oriented films of the decade that portrayed everyday, average kids capable of accomplishing incredible feats. (See: "Wargames", KidCo., ",a href="reddawn.htm">Red Dawn", etc.)

This film features Marc Price in one of his rare film appearences. Marc was best known, of course, for his nutty and slightly obsessed next-door neighbor character "Skippy" from the hit TV series Family Ties.

I loved these types of movies because, in the utter naivety of youth, these seem totally plausible. Only later in life, when you've learned to analyze and use deductive logic, can you clearly see how utterly fallible the scenarios truly are.

A team of Navy Seals are sent to destroy a disabled submarine so it will not fall into the "wrong" hands. They complete their mission, but are captured before they can return to their base.

The children of the soldiers decide that they will rescue their fathers from imprisonment since the U.S. government has written them off as acceptable losses.

After overcoming obstacle after obstacle, they manage to travel overseas and with the help of a sympathetic group of soldiers, outsmart the enemy and free their fathers.

A true 80's style underdog, "kids can do anything"-type movie that left many younger viewers dazzled and wanting their fathers, whether they were in the military or not, to be captured by some an enemy force so that they could form their own renegade rescue operation with their friends.


A tried-and-true plot device to wow the kids and sell some popcorn that was done slightly better in some other similar movies. Not incredibly exciting or original, but satisfying in that familiar way.

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Strengths: A kid-relateable storyline and a semi-plausible premiss (if you're a kid).

Weaknesses? Somewhat weak acting and a largely forgettable cast.

Our rating: 7.5 out of 10

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The Rescue