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Support Us...

Why We Need Your Help...

Time & Money.

A boring subject, but one that affects all of us in our daily lives.

This website exists to inform, entertain and be fun. The other side of the coin (so to speak!) is that it has to be paid for by someone... And that 'someone' is.. Me.

The time I've spent is now measured in years of work but it's my choice and I enjoy doing it. You can help by submitting updates and corrections to errors where you see them on the site and I'll be very grateful. You'll notice that I make a special effort to make sure that, where practical, everyone gets credit -unlike many sites.

Money is more tricky. I personally dislike sites and blogs that are always begging for money, so I keep it just to this page. The facts are that running this site does cost me a significant amount of money personally. I hate banners and popups, so have stubbornly refused to plaster the site with them. Nothing here costs money and even membership of the forums is free.

But every month that hosting bill falls onto the doormat.

The good news is that you can help easily -- and it needn't cost you a penny.

We keep the Rewind Retro Assistant up to date by hand with our best choices in DVD's Soundtracks, Blu-ray releases, Movie Posters and more. If you'd like to buy, please use it and we'll get a penny or two each time you do.

Or you can use the links on the right.

Or you can even donate a few dollars. Or a lot of dollars, if you're Bill Gates and really enjoyed the site!

Either way, please do help out. If you remember to always visit this page before visiting one of the companies on the right each time you go to buy, then you'll really be helping to make a difference.

Thank you,

-Nick Alaway, Webmaster.