No Retreat, No Surrender 2

On arriving in Thailand, Scott Wylde (Loren Avedon) meets up with his fiance who is promptly kidknapped by the usual 1980's enemy, the Soviets.

Believing he has something to do with the kidknap, Scott is arrested by local police but soon escapes. With the help from his old friend Max Thayer (Mac Jarvis) and new friend Terry (Cynthia Rothrock) he sets off into the Cambodian countryside to take on half of the Soviet army headed by the evil Yuri (Matthias Hues).

"It's not a rematch... IT'S WAR" was the slogan used to promote this, the 1989 "successor" to No Retreat, No Surrender.

In fact they could have just said the "It's not a rematch" part as the stars of the original movie (Kurt McKinney and Jean Claude Van Damme) didn't turn up for the first day of shooting and had to be replaced at short notice (Van Damme broke his contract to take the lead role in Bloodsport and McKinney took a disliking to the "salesman" in charge of shooting the movie).

This is, however, not necessarily a bad thing as the more then capable Loren Avedon stepped into McKinney's role and Matthias Hues into Van Damme's.

The now stereotypical 1980's style martial arts (underdog takes on the bad guys, beats the bad guys and gets the girl) film is however, a worthy successor to the original, with well choreographed martial arts action (primarily that of Loren Avedon) that at the time surpassed anything that had been attempted outside of a Hong Kong production.


The only reason that this movie doesn't score higher is because at no point do any of the cast of the film cry out the immortal line "No Retreat, No Surrender" made so famous in the original movie!

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Strengths: Great martial arts action and decent music. A classic of its genre!!

Weaknesses? Less than Oscar winning acting from some of the supporting cast!

Our rating: 8.6 out of 10

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No Retreat, No Surrender 2