Sutherland is the grandson of former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas, leader of the first elected socialist government in North America.

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Lou Diamond Phillips and Kiefer Sutherland must be good friends considering that they starred together in three consecutive films in the late 80's early 90s!

Renegades is a mildly entertaining buddy movie in the vein of 48 hrs, as the two mismatched rebels are on a mission to shut down a ring of corrupt cops and a bunch of thieving gangsters. Sutherland is the unconventional cop who reluctantly teams up with Phillip's vengeful Native American out for justice against the killers who gunned down his brother.

Nothing much happens for the first hour, but when the two leads finally meet there's some good humour and a couple of decent action sequences (considering this was before the days of CGI).

One of the best scenes occurs when Sutherland's trying to lose Phillips by pretending his car won't start. It's mildly amusing in a Starsky And Hutch kinda way but it's no where near as funny as Kiefer Sutherland's distinctly dodgy moustache!


Happy days as Sutherland meets up with Lost Boys co-star Jami Gertz, but alas the reunions short-lived, as Jami has absolutely no significance in the movie whatsoever, now I'm not saying that Gertz is a phenomenal talent or anything, but surely she deserves better than this? There's an overdrawn chase sequence where Sutherland and Gertz try to elude Phillips by wandering around a department store (Product Placement anyone? …only after I buy some Estee Lauder items) there's a lot of gritty violence for action fans with people getting shot, speared and set alight every few scenes, but it's all pretty static and lacklustre, whilst most of the actors look as if they'd rather be anywhere but on set.

Renegades is a movie which leaves everything up to its two stars, and for awhile, the convincing rapport between Phillips and Sutherland pays off, but when you're running around for two hours in a guns n' gags action comedy, you need a little story to keep people interested and that's something Renegades has overlooked.

Still, it's quite fun in the same way that Merry Melodies cartoons are fun-- and hey!-- it wouldn't be a Lou Diamond Phillips picture if the man didn't get to ride a horse so expect some equine antics near the end. The final scene could've been quite moving, but instead it's riddled with wry smiles from both the leads in a "what are we doing in this movie?" kind of way.

Sutherland just seems happy that the film is over and Lou Diamond seems more interested in the breathtaking landscape, and as the leads part company you can almost hear the unspoken line -- "see you in Young Guns II pal…hope it's better than this".

Renegades is by no means a classic and seems more like a cynical cash-in on the success of Young Guns, still, it's worth watching once if only to see two great 80's actors at work.

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Strengths: Good rapport between Phillips and Sutherland.

Weaknesses? Random storyline. Kiefer Sutherland's moustache.
Jami Gertz was underused.

Our rating: 6 out of 10

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