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Some top obscure 80s tracks contained within that really help set the pace of the movie. Yahoo had this to say about the soundtrack:

"The music I chose for my first movie pays homage to the epic film score traditions, the symphonic classics, the musical anarchy of cartoon music and 35 years of rock and roll history.

In Young Einstein we created or redesigned music and songs in order to weld story to picture without being obtrusive or detracting from the comedy. Narrative and dialogue in scenes are often replaced with song lyrics or musical parody. A 100 piece symphony orchestra evolves from the "Hendrix style" rock version of Waltzing Matilda, while Beethoven's "5th" fuses with Einstein's theory of "Roll and Rock."

In producing this soundtrack I featured the diversified musical styles from the film including the songs of "Young Einstein's" eight Australian bands, together with dialogue from key scenes.

On behalf of all the composers (dead or alive), the bands, and all the musicians, hope you enjoy it."

The following song tracks were featured in Young Einstein:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Roll and Rock Music  -  Yahoo SeriousRock & Roll Music  -  Mental As AnythingMusic Goes Round My Head  -  The SaintsDumb Things  -  Paul KellyHungry Town  -  Big PigGreat Southern Land  -  IcehouseTasmanian  -  Yahoo SeriousI Hear Motion  -  ModelsTheory of Relativity  -  Yahoo SeriousAt First Sight  -  StemsWeirdo Libido  -  Lime SpidersYoung Einstein Pacifist  -  Above The LawBoy Wonder  -  Big Pig
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Song Trivia The song "Great Southern Land" performed by Icehouse, played in the backround when Albert makes his journey across all the lands, is a staple in Australia. It is commonly used as a graduation song there. -Thanks to April

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Score Music Composer(s): Various Artists

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Young Einstein:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Who Can You Trust?Great Big BrainFist Full of Scientists
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