Who's That Girl Soundtrack

Who's That Girl Soundtrack


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Who's That Girl featured the following songs:

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The score was composed by Stepen Bray, and even though the soundtrack showcases many different artists, the soundtrack really belongs to Madonna.

Madonna's co-writer Pat Leonard has described the genesis of the title track. "Mad called up saying that she needed an uptempo song and downtempo song. She came over on a thursday and I had chorus. I worked out the rest of the parts, she finished the melody and the rest of the lyrics. At last she said "We will call it "Who's That Girl", and I think it's better title for the movie than 'Slammer'. So we will change the name of the movie too." The title of the song led the media to question if Madonna was commenting on her overexposure and constant image changes.

Pat Leonard also said about recording the song "Madonna sang it once and that was it. We put guitars on it and percussion next day."

Madonna recorded three additonal tracks for the album, many of which she performed on her Who's That Girl Tour and her Blonde Ambition Tour.

Since this soundtrack is the only place to find these songs, it is an essential for Madonna fans.Update Us

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The film was originally titled "Slammer" until Madonna wrote and decided to use Who's That Girl as the film's theme song. The song went to #1 on the Billboard chart in August 1987.
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The "Who's That Girl Tour" was far more successful than the film. Approximately 2 million people on 3 continents paid big bucks to experience Madonna's musical extravaganza, which reportedly made as much as $500,000 per show.
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Even though the movie was a financial failure at the box office, the soundtrack was a huge number 1 hit, with three singles, including 'Who's that girl?' and 'Causing a Commotion.'

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