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Another eclectic mix of mainly obscure 80's Brit pop (of which John Hughes was a big fan)

The following song tracks were featured in Weird Science:

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Weird Science  -  Oingo BoingoPrivate Joy  -  CheyneThe Circle  -  Max CarlTurn It On  -  Kim WildeDeep In The Jungle  -  Wall Of VoodooDo Not Disturb-Knock,Knock  -  The Broken HomesForever  -  Taxxi(Why Don't Pretty Girls) Look At Me  -  Wild Men On WongaMethod To My Madness  -  Lords Of The New ChurchEighties  -  Killing JokeGloria  -  Patti SmithTenderness  -  General PublicTubular Bells  -  Mike Oldfield
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Song Trivia In the original release of Weird Science in the '80s, the mall scene where Max (Robert Rusler) and Ian (Robert Downey, Jr.) spot Lisa (Kelly LeBrock) for the first time going up the escalator had Van Halen's "(Oh) Pretty Woman" playing. However, on the video/DVD release, it's replaced by Oingo Boingo's "Weird Science." -Thanks to Dave Wilson

Oingo Boingo, who did the title theme 'Weird Science', are actually Danny Elfman's band. Danny Elfman is the distinctive score composer closely associated with Tim Burton. -Thanks to Will Weaver

During the final scene of the original theatrical release, the theme song for Rocky is playing as Lisa tells the gym class to "drop and give me twenty", but in the re-release, it was replaced with Oingo Boingo's 'Weird Science'... -Thanks to Dan Renfrow

The home video version plays Oingo Boingo's 'Weird Science' as Lisa ascends the mall escalator while all other versions (theatrical and TV) play 'Pretty Woman'. -Thanks to 80'sRocked

In the last scene at the high-school gym, the theatrical version plays the "Theme From 'Rocky'" while the home-video and TV versions play "Weird Science". -Thanks to 80'sRocked

The new re-releases of the DVD restores the music that was cut out for the VHS versions of this movie -Thanks to 80'sRocked

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Only the special "headgear" makes it all possible...
Score Music Composer(s): Ira Newborn, Danny Elfman, Alf Clausen

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Weird Science:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Constructing Lisa - Ira Newborn
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