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This soundtrack define the whole 80's New Wave Genre. Finally released by Rhino in 1993 on CD and later followed by a second installment of further songs. I recommend both volumes!!!!

The following song tracks were featured in Valley Girl:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
A Million Miles Away  -  The PlimsoulsJohnny, Are You Queer?  -  Josie CottonEyes Of A Stranger  -  PayolasAngst In My Pants  -  SparksWho Can It Be Now?  -  Men At WorkEverywhere At Once  -  The PlimsoulsI La La La Love You  -  Pat Travers' Black PearlHe Could Be The One  -  Josie CottonLove My Way  -  Psychedelic FursJukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)  -  The FlirtsThe Fanatic  -  FelonyShe Talks In Stereo  -  Gary Myrick & The FiguresOldest Story In The World  -  The PlimsoulsSchool Is In  -  Josie CottonI Melt With You  -  Modern EnglishGirls Like Me  -  Bonnie Hayes With The Wild ComboEaten By The Monster Of Love  -  SparksMickey  -  Toni BasilZero Hour (Original Version)  -  The PlimsoulsHe Was Really Sayin' Somethin'  -  BananaramaIn The Name Of Love  -  Thompson TwinsThe Earthquake Song  -  Little GirlsDo You Really Want To Hurt Me  -  Culture ClubCool Places  -  Sparks & Jane WiedlinTown Called Malice  -  The JamI Eat Cannibals  -  Total CoeloTime To Win  -  Gary Myrick & The FiguresVoo Doo  -  Rachel SweetMarina Men  -  Valley GirlsPocket Pool  -  Killer PussyShelly's Boyfriend  -  Bonnie Hayes With The Wild ComboElectric Avenue  -  Eddy Grant
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Song Trivia Josie Cotton (the singer in the prom scenes) is still recording new music. A new album titled "Movie Disaster Music" was just released this month (August 2006).check out Josie Cotton at this link: Elizabeth "E.G." Daily (Loryn) has also recorded new music with a new album titled "Changing Faces" due out soon.check out E.G. Daily at this link: -Thanks to Michael Coughlin

In Valley Girl, in the club that Randy and Julie go to with Fred and Stacy; the band that is playing is called "The Plimsouls." This was an authentic 80's, LA band of the time. After recording two independent albums, they released an album on Geffen Records in 1983 titled "Everywhere At Once" [which includes their songs heard in Valley Girl] and were named Best LA Band. Songwriter and lead singer, Peter Case, has numerous solo releases and continues to record and play live to this day. They also cut a couple of singles; one of which is "Million Miles Away," which is featured in the movie. -Thanks to Kathy / Bryan Simmons

Like several low budget 80s teen movies, some of the songs used in the movie changed when the film came out on video. "Mickey", "He Was Really Saying Something", "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" and "Cool Places" were featured in the original theatrical version of the film, and they appear on the soundtrack (Volume 2). -Thanks to Craig Davis

The band playing at the prom in "Valley Girl" is actually 'Josie Cotton', and the two main songs featured are her (only?) semi-hits, "Johnny Are You Queer?" and "He Could Be the One". -Thanks to Chris Givens

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