Under The Cherry Moon Soundtrack

Under The Cherry Moon Soundtrack


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Under The Cherry Moon featured the following songs:

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All the music in this film was performed by Prince and The Revolution.Update Us

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The film contains some tracks and which were either never released or were extremely hard to find. These tracks are:

01: AN HONEST MAN (an instrumental version of this track appears in the film. The vocal version was later released on the 1997 NPG Records 3-CD set release 'CRYSTAL BALL')
02: LOVE OR $ (This was used as a b-side to the hit single 'KISS')
03: ALEXA DE PARIS (This track was used as the b-side to 'Mountains' (also in the film) and then later re-used as the b-side to the 1993 single 'LET IT GO')

Other tracks which were included in some deleted scenes were:

01: THERE'S OTHERS HERE WITH US (a completely unreleased track)
02: MOVIE STAR (later released on the 1997 NPG Records 3-CD set release 'CRYSTAL BALL')
03: OLD FRIENDS 4 SALE (later released on the 2000 CD 'The Vault - Old Friends 4 Sale')

Many of the tracks used for this film and project were either revived tracks from the cancelled PRINCE projects: CRYSTAL BALL & DREAM FACTORY. The song 'CHRISTOPHER TRACY'S PARADE' (used in the film and on the soundtrack 'PARADE') was originally entitled 'LITTLE GIRL WENDY'S PARADE' but was later changed to fit in with the name of Prince's character of Christopher Tracy in the film. A reference to 'LITTLE GIRL WENDY'S PARADE' can be heard in the lyrics to the hit single and other soundtrack song 'KISS'!!

Christopher Tracy adds:
Two unreleased songs were also used that are not in the credits: an instrumental version of "It's A Wonderful Day" from the aborted 1986 Prince and the Revolution album "The Dream Factory" can be heard in the scene where Christopher and Tricky are getting dressed to go out for a night on the town and are discussing what kind of man Mary likes.

Also during the racing scene between Mary and Christopher, the unreleased 1986 track "Junk Music" can be heard in the background.

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