Trading Places Soundtrack

Trading Places Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Trading Places featured the following songs:

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Out Of The Sheets - Into The Streets
Dave Williams
Do You Wanna Funk
Orange Cookie
The Hot Toddies
Jingle Bell Rock
Brenda Lee
The Loco-Motion
Little Eva
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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Elmer Bernstein

Trading Places featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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Score Trivia

Thanks to Kevin Alexander
Original Music by Elmer Bernstein, Non-Original Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (From opera "The Marriage of Figaro".)
Thanks to Carsten Wiedemann
In one of the closing scenes Mr. Bernstein uses a few bars from the Danish composer Hans Christian Lumbyes "Jernbanegalop" ("Railroad Galop") in addition to several quoations from other composers.

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