The Toxic Avenger Soundtrack

The Toxic Avenger Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

The Toxic Avenger featured the following songs:

Body Talk
Sandy Farina
Is this Love
Marc Hoffman, Race
Nothing at All
Marc Hoffman, Race
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Based on the independent nature of the film and the quality of the music, I can't imagine an actual recording of the soundtrack ever existing, however the following tunes were featured (among others):

Body Talk by Sandy Farina sounds just like Olivia Newton John's "Physical", for some reason this song stuck with me so intensely from my childhood viewings of the film that I was convinced it was an actual 80's hit, until I bought the DVD)Update Us

Song Trivia

Thanks to vinny bruno
The drummer Vincent Campo did most of the drumming in all three movies from the band rock band Pitch Black

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Unknown - Please Update Us


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