The Gate Soundtrack

The Gate Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

The Gate featured the following songs:

One Wish
Whitney Houston
Yes, It's True
True Confessions
Modern Personality
True Confessions
No Pleasure
Eva Everything
Love Will Find A Way
Vince Carlucci
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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): J. Peter Robinson, Michael Hoenig


Sadly, it appears that no specific soundtrack for this film exists. However, film composer J. Peter Robinson (who provided the haunting themes for The Gate's opening and closing credits) DOES have several non-related CDs avaliable on the market. Who knows... perhaps the theme for The Gate exists on one of them. Better get looking, folks!Update Us

Score Trivia

Thanks to phatpants
I've just recently learned that there actually IS a soundtrack to 'The Gate'. It is an extremely rare 44 track synthesizer score by film composer J. Peter Robinson and is usually only avaliable at conventions. If you are a true fan of this movie, you simply must have this highly enjoyable and brilliantly nostalgic CD. Better get looking, folks!

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