The Entity Soundtrack


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The following song tracks were featured in The Entity:

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Saturday Nite's All Right For Fighting  -  Elton JohnYou Can't Have Me  -  Risky ShiftPoor, Poor Pitiful Me  -  Linda Ronstadt
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The Entity Picture
Barbara Hershey stars as Carla Moran
Score Music Composer(s): Charles Bernstein

The music is a little dated but the fast, pounding theme that plays whenever the entity attacks Carla Moran is quite effective.

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Score Trivia The "attack" music cue of The Entity was re-used by Tarantino in Inglorious Bast*rds when Shosanna is surprised by being introduced to Colonel Landa in the restaurant scene. -Thanks to politeintruder

The fast pounding music when the Entity attacks is amazingly similar to Metallica's One (1988). The last 3/4 of the song, it picks up the pace and the syncopated guitar and kick drum are (pretty much) identical to the music in the film.

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The Entity