The Apple Soundtrack


The songs were written by George S. Clinton and Colby and Iris Recht. Nothing memorable, unless you love bad music... REALLY BAD MUSIC!

The following song tracks were featured in The Apple:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
BIM  -  Grace Kennedy, Allan LoveUniversal Melody  -  Mary Hylan, George GilmourComing  -  Grace KennedyI Found Me  -  Grace KennedyThe Apple  -  Allan LoveCry For Me  -  Mary Hylan, George GilmourSpeed  -  Mary HylanCreation  -  Joss AcklandWhere Has Love Gone  -  George GilmourShowbizness  -  Vladek Sheybal, Ray ShellMade For Me  -  Mary Hylan, Allan LoveHow To Be A Master  -  Vladek Sheybal, Grace Kennedy, Allan Love, Ray ShellChild Of Love  -  Joss Ackland, Mary Hylan, George Gilmour
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Song Trivia According to the end credits of the film, Catherine Mary Stewart didn't do her own singing. That task fell to Mary Hylan. The Apple is her only credit on the IMDb.

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Canada's new pop sensations...Take off, eh?
Score Music Composer(s): George S. Clinton

Can you help with information/a review of the instrumental music or score track names used in The Apple?

Can you help with any of the instrumental score track names used in The Apple?

Score Trivia It's George S. Clinton who helped write the music. He is not to be confused with the high priest of funk, George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic.

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