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The soundtrack CD has all the pop music from the movie including 'Shootin' for the Moon' and 'Big Bad Wolf' - an early compact disc, it was released on the German Metronome Musik Label cat no. 829 029-2. It is now violently rare.

David Tanouye adds: Only (2) authorized CD labels for Teen Wolf are 1985 Metronome 829 029-2 (West Germany) and 1986 Polydor P30P 20037 (Japan). The so-called "digitally remastered" and "20 year anniversary edition" CDs floating around eBay and Amazon are illegal bootlegs. There are also (3) vinyl (LP) labels - 1985 Jackal Records WOW729 (USA) - 1985 Metronome 829 029-1 (West Germany) - Southern Cross Records SCRS 1010 (USA)

The following song tracks were featured in Teen Wolf:

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Flesh on fire  -  James HouseBig bad wolf  -  Bunny And The Wolf SistersWin in the end  -  Mark SafanShootin' for the moon  -  Amy HollandSilhouette  -  Davis PalmerWay to go  -  Mark ViehaGood news  -  David MorganSurfin' U.S.A  -  The Beach Boys
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Song Trivia My wife found your site... It's terrific and extremely accurate. I can clear up a number of items here in music, and the other categories. I'm the Director. Rod Daniel

Regarding the music, it should be noted that although Miles Goodman scored the entire movie all of the original songs were written by Doug Brayfield, a lyricist.

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Stiles, Scott and the "Wolfmobile"
Score Music Composer(s): Miles Goodman

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Teen Wolf:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
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Score Trivia Miles Goodman, the composer of the score and several songs on the movie including, "Big Bad Wolf" and the hauntingly beautiful and closing song "Shooting for the Moon", was born on the 27th August 1949 and tragically died on August 17th, 1996, at the age of 47, from a heart attack. -Thanks to Tass Papadopoulos

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