Stop Making Sense Soundtrack

Stop Making Sense Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Stop Making Sense featured the following songs:

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Song Trivia

Thanks to C.T. Warren
"Genius Of Love" is really an ode to Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth's favorite black musicians... note the references to James Brown, Bob Marley and Smokey Robinson.
Thanks to C.T. Warren
The opening track "Psychokiller", was used in the hilarious Lobster Thermidor scene of the 2009 comedy "Julie & Julia".

Seems the character of Julie (Amy Adams) barely has the stomach to boil a live lobster (But then, neither do I!) and her husband teases her by playing the song and singing "Lobster-killer" over the chorus.

The band may be rock & roll history, but their influence might never fade away!

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