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As the title suggests, this film is heavily littered with some great rock & roll tracks, performances by Lou Reed, Cheap Trick, Earth Wind & Fire, Debbie Harry (of Blondie) and Iggy Pop.

The following song tracks were featured in Rock and Rule:

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Born To Raise Hell  -  Cheap TrickAngelís Song  -  Debbie HarryTriumph  -  Lou ReedIím The Man  -  Cheap TrickDance, Dance, Dance  -  Earth, Wind & FireMy Name Is Mok  -  Lou ReedOhm Sweet Ohm  -  Cheap TrickInvocation To The Beast  -  Debbie HarryPain & Suffering  -  Iggy PopSend Love Through / Finale  -  Debbie Harry & Cheap TrickHot Dogs and Sushi  -  Melleny Brown
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Song Trivia The 3 songs:"Ohm, Sweet Ohm", "Born To Raise Hell" and "I'm The Man" that Cheap Trick do in the film were released on their "Sex, America, Cheap Trick" box set. In the liner notes it is mentioned that the duets with Debbie Harry are "lost".

In the US version, during the open-mic scene, lyrics to "Born to Raise Hell" were pulled out of the audio mix, although if you pay attention you can see the characters perfectly lip-synching the words, "I Was Born to Raise Hell." -Thanks to Joe G

'Angel's song' and the finale of Omar and Angel at the end are lost tracks. Due to recording mistakes, the songs where 'lost' after the movie was created.

User Megan Laface kindly added about this:

"Angel's Song" actually isn't a lost song. The original, full 4:20 of it is somehow still in existence, and is available on a Rock and Rule fansite.

BUT, MJG196 adds:

The 4:20 version posted to a Rock & Rule fansite is NOT Angel's Song/Send Love Through, it is Debbie Harry's 1989 single, Maybe For Sure.

"Angel's Song" written by Deborah Harry/Chris Stein had another incarnation on Deborah Harry's 1989 solo album "Def Dumb & Blonde" in the song "Maybe for Sure".

The original music by Stein is unchanged. Deborah Harry wrote new lyrics to the song. And, yes, Blondie/Deborah Harry fans have resurrected the three songs "lost" from the soundtrack: "Angel's Song", "Invocation Song", and "Send Love Through" can all be downloaded if you dig deep enough. -Thanks to Mark D R Stern

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Score Music Composer(s): Patricia Cullen

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Rock and Rule:

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Main ThemeHot Dogs & Sushi
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