Purple Rain Soundtrack

Purple Rain Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Purple Rain featured the following songs:

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Excellent multiple platinum soundtrack!! Not one bad track! Every song was a hit! Also, every song Prince performed in the movie is on the CD. My personal favorite is "When Doves Cry", but I love them all!Update Us

Song Trivia

Thanks to TKO
Not too many people know about this, but there is also a backward message hidden at the beginning and end of the song Baby Iím a Star. When played in reverse you can hear either Wendy or Lisa saying:

"Like what the **** do they know?
All their taste is in their mouth.
Really. What the **** do they know?
Come on baby. Let's go... crazy."
Thanks to Bryant
Jesse Johnson and Morris Day from the group The Time both went on to record solo albums.
Thanks to Bryant Corbitt
I was a dj of a radio station during the time of "Purple Rain"..Several radio stations received actual "purple vinyl" promotional albums of Purple Rain by Warner Bros. I personally have 2 of them! Purple Rain only cost 7 million dollars to produce and of course was a international smash.
Thanks to Bryant Corbitt
The Purple Rain tour (which I attended in Atlanta) was very successful in 1985. Prince sold out 7 shows in Detroit and 5 shows in Atlanta. When Dove's Cry was the biggest single of 1984 and at that time Prince was Warner Bros. biggest artist on the label!
Thanks to Poohbear
On the cassette and vinyl versions of the Song "Darling Nikki", the last 35 seconds of this song contains backwards messages. At the end is a sound reminiscent of rain or bacon frying and wind sounds. When played backwards the message says "Hello, how are you? I'm fine, 'cause I know that the Lord is coming soon. Coming, coming soon."
Thanks to M
Prince actually wrote every song in the movie, in fact he played every instrument on most of the songs of the Time's first three albums, which basically made the Time, who were only there for performing live, unnecessary. Also, two or three members of the Time in this movie (and on the album cover of "Ice Cream Castles", which came out around this time) were not actual members of the band. The original members, who actually played on Ice Cream Castles, but only on the last song, were fired by Prince several days before filming for missing a tour date.
Thanks to Jamie Bridges
Prince wanted the Purple Rain Soundtrack to be a double album containing longer full length versions of "Let's Go Crazy", "The Beatiful Ones", and "Darling Nikki", plus the Dez Dickerson, Apollonia 6 and The Time songs from the film. Warner Brothers balked at the idea because double albums rarely sell as much as single ones and the previous Prince album (1999) was a double album. So Prince removed the songs from the movie not performed by himself and edited down the other songs to form a single album.
Thanks to politeintruder
In August of 1983 Prince and The Revolution held a sold out show in Minneapolis before they started shooting Purple Rain, where Prince debuted all the songs, except for 3 (Doves, The Beautiful Ones and Darling Nikki), that would be featured in the movie.

They recorded this concert and much of the live tracks were mixed into the finished recordings that ended up in the movie and on the album. THIS SHOW WAS VIDEOED AND EXISTS ON YOUTUBE! The Purple Rain performance is the actual vocals and much of the song that was used as the very recordings of Purple Rain itself. See the video here before Prince's management deletes it. His vocals are identical.

Also you can find a performance from that same show of an unreleased track called 'Electric Intercourse' which is phenomenal, but faintly similar to 'The Beautiful Ones'. Watch the Purple Rain performance which it's amazing to see the audiences reaction because no one is familiar with the songs yet.
Thanks to Jonathan Foster
Prince apparently recorded over 100 song demos for the movie "Purple Rain". But, when he presented the songs, the producers still felt that they needed a strong lead single that will capture every crowd including the urban listeners.

After informing Prince that they needed a strong lead single he went into the studio that night and came back the next day with "When Doves Cry".

When Prince submitted "When Doves Cry" to Warner Bros. they thought he was mad because the song didn't have a baseline. Prince argued with Warner Bros. about it then asked his people who was putting "Purple Rain" the movie together to get behind him on the decision to leave out the baseline.

Prince eventually got his way and "When Doves Cry" went number one in the U.S. and U.K. and stayed there for several weeks.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Michel Colombier

Purple Rain featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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God (Instrumental)
Prince and the Revolution
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The original music score comes from Michel Colombier, but really you would not know it is there at all as the whole film's purpose is to highlight the songs from Prince.Update Us

Score Trivia

Thanks to John Edward Kilduff
Prince won the Oscar for Best Song Score at the 1985 Oscars for the 1984 voting year. His award was presented to him by the stars of "Romancing The Stone", Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. The two movies "Purple Rain" was competing against were the Willie Nelson musical drama "Songwriter" and the 3rd Muppet movie, "The Muppets Take Manhattan". Prince, oddly enough, would later make a rare television appearance on The Muppets' short-lived mid-90s variety series "Muppets Tonight".

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