Lisa Soundtrack

Lisa Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Lisa featured the following songs:

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I'm A Man
Bo Diddley
Love Me Like A Man
Love Machine
Dust My Blues
Elmore James
Someday Baby
Lightnin' Hopkins
Little Boy Blues
Walter Horton
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We're not certain if "Lisa" was ever released to soundtrack. It's possible, but if so it would be out-of-print.

However, thanks to a nice guy named Duane, we have the track list (thanks again Duane!) and here are the songs featured in the film.

By the way, it seems all the songs that were used for this film were specifically chosen to demonstrate how Richard was an adult and Lisa was too young to even be interested in him. That's just my opinion, but read the titles of these songs and decide for yourself.Update Us

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Joe Renzetti


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