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FLASH! Ahhhhh-Ahhhhh... What can you say about such an iconic work apart from that it must have been pretty hard to make a movie at the time that was a commercial disappointment -despite a multi platinum soundtrack and the title track being #1 both sides of the Atlantic, but that's what De-Laurentis managed.

The soundtrack is a great piece of work and easily stands on it's own as a work of art. Mixed with a few vocal songs performed by Queen are some very interesting and ethereal synth works that set the mood and tone perfectly. As an overall piece, this soundtrack represents some of Queen's most interesting commercial work. The title tune is highly memorable, as is the great ending montage.

The following song tracks were featured in Flash Gordon:

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Flash's Theme  -  Queen
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Song Trivia The music for 'Flash Gordon' was written and performed by legendary rock group, Queen. Their album 'Flash Gordon' was, sadly, considered a flop, selling less than half a million copies in 1980. -Thanks to Phantom Planet

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Flash Gordon Picture
Sam J. Jones stars as Flash Gordon
Score Music Composer(s): Queen, Howard Blake

The iconic music by Queen is well known. However, some 52 minutes of instrumental score were composed by Howard Blake, and are missing from the release of the soundtrack. Recently, however, Howard's part of the score (and it was considerable) was finally issued on CD, coupled with his score for AMITYVILLE 3D as a limited edition.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Flash Gordon:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
In the Space Capsule (The Love Theme) - QueenMing's Theme (In Court of Ming the Merciless) - QueenRing (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale) - QueenFootball Fight - QueenIn the Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) - QueenExecution of Flash - QueenKiss (Aura Resurrects Flash) - QueenArboria (Planet of the Tree Men) - QueenEscape From the Swamp - QueenFlash to the Rescue - QueenVultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men) - QueenBattle Theme - QueenWedding March - QueenMarriage of Dale and Ming (And Flash Approaching) - QueenCrash Dive on Mingo City - QueenFlash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations) - QueenHero - QueenFlash Gordon - Howard BlakeThe Hero - Howard BlakeOpening Scenes / Killer Storm / Plane Crash - Howard BlakeRocket Flight - Howard BlakeArrival / Mongo Greeting / Palace Entry / The Court of Ming - Howard BlakeBarin and the Hawkmen - Howard BlakeThe Princess / Dale's Seduction / Football Fight - Howard BlakeBell and Coffin / Zarkov / Rocket Ship Flight - Howard BlakeFlight to Arboria / Harem - Howard BlakeTelepathy / Dale's Drug - Howard BlakeArboria - Howard BlakeDale's Fight - Howard BlakeZarkov and Dale Escape - Howard BlakeTorture / The Swamp - Howard BlakeThe City of the Hawkmen - Howard BlakeTree Stump Duel / Beast in the Swamp - Howard BlakeRomantic Reunion - Howard BlakeDuel on the Sky Platform - Howard BlakeFirefight / Finale: Death of Ming and Flash's Victory - Howard Blake
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