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The Evil Dead Soundtrack


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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Joseph LoDuca

The Evil Dead featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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The music score is by Joseph LoDuca.

Lo Duca had never tackled a film score before when in 1979 a young Raimi asked him to compose a score for one of his student films. LoDuca had studied Jazz and Classical music at Michigan University. He was hardly qualified to tackle the task.

Over a period of months Lo Duca and Raimi discussed the 'role' of music in the film, "We would sit around for hours at his mother's home watching movies... Sam would tell me to listen to a score by Bernard Herrmann. I would comment that it resembled a Stravinsky piece to me.", explained Lo Duca.

Lo Duca used a string ensemble combined with the use of keyboard synthesiser effects to create the haunting score. Such was the popularity of these synthesiser sounds that after the success of the film they came with an added feature called 'Evil Dead sound' based on the combinations created by Lo Duca.

LoDuca would also return for both sequels using the same style to create the terror of Ash's improbable situations. He decided on a career in film composing from that experience.

He now lives in Michigan and heads a jazz band. He has become a prolific commercial composer, notably for the three major auto manufacturers.Update Us

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