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Released on Scotti Bros. records and cassettes - there are actually 2 versions of the soundtrack released on compact disc. The superior original 1983 release contains the tracks 'Tender Years' and 'Wild Summer Nights' whilst the subsequent 1990 re-issue fell victim to copyright problems and both tracks were replaced with Del Shannon's 'Runaway' and the track 'Mockingbird.'

Still an outstanding piece of work for any rock or pop fan, the inclusion of a single cut from the ambitious 'Season in Hell' album that Eddie Wilson finished just before his 'vanishing' in 1963 is a world-class blurring of reality and fiction. The dramatic impact of Wilson's potential on the record is that its visionary style is similar to that of any late 1970's rock band.

The following song tracks were featured in Eddie & The Cruisers:

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On the Dark Side  -  John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown BandMockingbird  -  Charlie Foxx, Inez FoxxRunaround Sue  -  John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown BandDown on My Knees  -  John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown BandHang up My Rock & Roll Shoes  -  John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown BandRunaway  -  Del ShannonBoardwalk Angel  -  John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown Band, Ben E. KingBetty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes  -  Kenny VanceThose Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me of You)  -  Kenny VanceTender Years  -  John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown BandWild Summer Nights  -  John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown Band
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Song Trivia John Cafferty's 'Beaver Brown Band' who performed the music and who's sax player Michael 'Tunes' Antunes also portrays the Cruiser's sax man Wendell Newton, had huge Stateside success on the film's release, hitting no.1 on the Billboard top 100. Having worked together for some 15 years, songs like 'Tender Years' had been poignant gems in the bands set for years. The soundtrack album sold 2 million copies on release.

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown is still touring. They still open with "On The Dark Side" and still sound great.

Bruce Springsteen was initially consulted for the soundtrack, but turned it down because he felt his sound was too identifiable; but he recommended the producers use a little known Rhode Island musician, John Cafferty.

Here's a mystery to rival what happened to Eddie Wilson:

According to a line by the Wordman early in the film, the Cruisers's album "Tender Years" had 12 tracks, but the released soundtrack held only 10 songs, and one was "Season In Hell", off the rejected 2nd album, leaving 9. So it's possible that John Cafferty and his band wrote 3 more songs that were not heard in the film!

If Cafferty has recorded and performed them since, which are the Cruisers's lost tracks? Could they have been used in the sequel? -Thanks to C.T. Warren

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Score Music Composer(s): John Cafferty

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Eddie & The Cruisers:

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Season in Hell (Fire Suite)
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Score Trivia the guy who apparently wrote the music for Eddie and the Cruisers was in the news a couple of days ago-- charged with multiple counts of rape for "auditioning" women he lured via Craig's List.

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