A Certain Sacrifice Soundtrack

A Certain Sacrifice Soundtrack



Being that is had such a low budget, a soundtrack was never made for this film.

However, this film was made around the same time when Madonna was collaborating on songs like "Everybody" which she sang in dance clubs before placing on her self-titled debut album in 1983.

If you're interested in Madonna's music from the early years, than I highly suggest her CD titled "In The Beginning". This CD was released in 1997 but, as the title shows, all the songs were made in the very early 80's before Madonna had a record deal.Update Us

The following song tracks were featured in A Certain Sacrifice

A Certain Sacrifice
Jeremy Pattnosh
Screaming Demon Lover
Jeremy Pattnosh
Little Girl, My Princess
Jeremy Pattnosh
Rhythm of Love
Jeremy Pattnosh, Ed Krakaur
Trust Game
Nancy Lefleur
Family of Lovers
Ed Krakaur
Outside, Inside
Chal Pivic, Jeremy Pattnosh
No Funny Stuff
John O. Senior, Marc Goodman, Nancy Kimmins
Wave Bye Bye
Nancy Lefleur
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Editor Nick
Jeremy Pattnosh, who co-wrote the movie also was involved in much of the music, including the score.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Jeremy Pattnosh

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