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Blow Out Soundtrack


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A soundtrack was produced in 2003 for this film, on Prometheus Records, a rare internet outlet company, full of the wonderful Pino Donaggio score and some unused cues to boot.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Pino Donaggio

Blow Out featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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Composer Pino Donaggio, with whom De Palma has enjoyed stunning collaborations on 'Carrie', 'Dressed to Kill' and 'Body Double', provides a score for Blow Out which is arguably his most poignant work to date. Both bold and adventurous, the score is laced with pompous brass, moving solo piano, and emotional strings.

In its most intense moments, Donaggio gives us fiery crescendos, odd leaps, chromaticism, and dissonance. Yet, at the film's breathtaking finale, the haunting 'love theme' is presented in its most powerful arrangement, the solitary solo piano.

Donaggio told a reporter, "De Palma was a dream to work for because most directors think in terms of 20-second periods, which doesn't give you much space to fill. Brian seems to think in terms of music. He leaves spaces, he gives you a lot of room. It's difficult not to take advantage."

Donaggio's restraint was evident, giving great psychological emphasis to the tragic tale De Palma had woven. Equally tragic is that this score has never been given a proper official release. A few cues were published on 'Brian De Palma, Pino Donaggio' a CD on the Milan label, the full score can be found on a horrible Japanese LP.Update Us

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